Find a Drummer, Lose a Drummer

Ok, so….. were not the hardest people to get along with are we? We have a great sense of British like humour and yes we do take our music seriously but we also have day jobs as well! We’re not overly demanding or strict about our requirements when someone joins the band! So why is it we can’t keep a drummer more than two rehearsals long!?!?!?!?!?!  What the actual fuck are we doing here?!?!


That said, our first drummer wasn’t a good fit really. He didn’t want to play live for the most part and didn’t want to bring his drums to gigs and expected drums to be provided for him everywhere we played.  Ummmmmmmm…. that’s not how it works man. Wanting to play in his basement is not what our agenda was. Like the bassist said,              “Playing new music in the basement only is like peeing yourself in a dark suit, no one sees you.”  How true!!!!!! So we said goodbye to him as the guitarist (myself) and him butted heads too many times and I flat out refuse to be in a band with someone who argues or tries to argue psychologically and think they’re the upper hand with no reason!  I will not be in ANY band where I have to fight an uphill battle!!!


So we went looking for a new drummer and one knocks on our door.  Great!  He listened to our music and the first rehearsal/audition he practically nailed it right out of the park! Like Holy Shit Dude!!!!! Someone did their homework and did it well!!!! This was great! However not without obstacles in the way.  He said he didn’t want to play a lot of gigs over the year. Ummm ok. He wasn’t available to rehearse any other day than Tuesdays because he had all these other things to do through the week and didn’t want to gig on Friday nights because that was his night out with his buddies.  All these prerequisites that just added up to a lot of what the fuck moments to us. So we rehearsed with him again and he said he didn’t want to buy a drum kit because he wasn’t taking it THAT seriously so we said you can rent one for $29/month, he said that’s a game changer, ok, great! Then that Monday before we were to rehearse again he texts me and says he’s out, he felt it not worth it to travel to where we are, rent drums and make the commute every Tuesday. Ummmmm duuuuuuuude, you live maybe 25min away by car, where’s the problem?  Ok, so strike two there!


We had a couple of replies to our ads but they were from guys who lived upwards of an hour away and wanted us to go there, yeah no!  And guys who didn’t have drums, or a car to get to any rehearsal space to rent, or a job to contribute to the cost of a rehearsal space!  Pass on you as well!

So we went dry for a little while and then we got a hit from our ad on Kijiji from a guy who said our music gave him chills when he listened to it!  Ok, good start!  Never heard that one before!  So we set up a time to check this guy out at a rehearsal space and he shows up and it goes fairly well!  First outings are either a train wreck or a trip and not fall for the first jam. This one went well so we thought what the hell let’s offer him the job.  So we did and he accepted surprisingly because he expected that we would want to try him out a couple of times before deciding on whether he was good enough.  If we get along, gel as people and musicians there’s no need to try you out a second or third time, the gig is yours if you want it mate!  Happily he accepted.  Ok cool, we’re back in the saddle with a full band again.  Sweet.  Next week he couldn’t make it due to work related issues.  Ok, shit and life happens, I get that so we’re like ok, do your thing man.  We got together last week and rehearsal was at the same jam spot and we rented a room for two hours and it was hot, we were right on point with only a couple of hiccups which is ok fine that happens, bugs to work out of the system, we can work with and through that no problem.  So after rehearsal we agreed on this week’s day and time to get together again and with that good night.


Yesterday I get a text that says he can’t make it to rehearsal this week due to work related issues again taking him out of town. Ok, that happens now and then, sure, ok, again, do your thing, it’s work. Then this morning he texts me and says due to unforeseen circumstances he can no longer be in the band due to his job. Nothing to do with us or joining another band it was strictly work related. Talk about HUGE suckage eh?!?!?! I am happy he said early enough on he can’t do it and his job is demanding so that happens but with that kinda job ya gotta know that free time is not on your side!  It was a friendly departure and no ill feelings towards him, he’s a good egg. All the best to him!


SO!  Now we have this festival gig coming up at the end of July and no drummer to complete the lineup!  Sure we played out last show sans drummer but having a drummer takes our music to a next level which is always good to expand our musical spectrum of sound. But why we can’t keep drummers eludes us! Of course we’re honouring our commitment to playing the festival and if we’re a duo again then so be it!

Hands giving & receiving money - United States Dollars (USD)

My guess is of two reasons: 1; We don’t get paid for the majority of our gigs and 2; we’re NOT a cover band! Cover bands make decent money and some make a living off of other band’s music but we’re an original songs based band with one, two covers tops and even then I’m not overly fancied about doing them except for one that I love to do.

But I digress, we are an original songs band and will NEVER become a cover band or change our ways to conform to a more mainstream thing.


So we keep at it an look for a new drummer to fill the spot!  So if you know someone or ARE someone who’s a drummer and lives in or around the Toronto area and wants to be in a Psychedelic Progressive Space Rock band, drop us a line!  The Bandcamp page has a contact link and just add your email or phone number in your message please and we’ll get in touch with you! ~Enjoy





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