Well We Played It! (Sorry this is Late!)


So on February 1st we played at The Hideout BUT sans the drummer. He had to go to BC and deal with some family issues. So the bassist Hratch and I decided to honour our commitment and play anyways.


It was our Best show, best performance, Best audience and Best reception to date! I was impressed and everyone had a great time!  We debuted a new song and I think out of a bit of excitement and nerves we ploughed through our set list a bit too fast and so we added another song in.

I wasn’t overly happy about the hi tone of a Marshall amp but I wasn’t complaining really because I didn’t have to bring my amp! We made some friends there and hopefully will play shows with them down the road!



Sporting my new jacket and stage wear I blasted away on my Strat as Hratch added some thunderous and ambient bass tones along the way.

We decided after the gig, like a few days after that it just wasn’t working with the drummer we had because well, it just wasn’t and I’m not going in to dirty details about it and I left but re-connected with Hratch and we’re moving forward still as OddsFiche of course!


Have to say it was pretty awesome cool to see our name in BIG letters behind us! That was cool for sure.  Yeah it’s the little things that make a big difference for me and having your name up in lights so-to-speak is pretty bitchin’ cool!

It’s not easy getting gigs in this city and currently I’m in a hoop jumping game with our city councillor’s office to get in to a festival this July and the coordinator for it that works for this guy is playing the stalling game and really pissing me off about it. Personally I believe that she: A: Doesn’t understand Prog and thinks we’re just noise because she mentioned in an email that she had “concerns” about volume and that it’s an “Arts” festival and we might disturb the vendors. Ummmmmmm…. there’s a little dial on the end of every amp called VOLUME!!!!!  HELLLOOOOOO!?!?!?!!? And B: She doesn’t like what we do, it’s not white bread enough for her liking. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s no good and just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t make any sense! Prog music is synonymous with the arts, it’s an art form and avant-garde fer Chrissssst’s sake. Do your homework and look it up!!!!

Plus if you look at the previous lineups this festival has had; country, jazz, blues, pop, opera and others alike…. we’re they told the same garbage about the concerns of being TOO LOUD?!?!?!? Paleeeeeeaaasssse lady.

But I digress, I have been playing nice in the sandbox about this and will do so until it comes to not to play nice and be more vocal about it…… the next townhall meeting that this councillor holds up the street from me. Then he’ll hear all about it.



But I digress again!….

Our show was good for just the two of us I feel. We do play well together and afterwards we had a couple of people ask us to sign our CD for them which was cool!  But also a few people who came to see us said that we don’t need a drummer and sound just fine without one. I agree/disagree on that point.  Sure we can pull it off and out of our asses without a drummer but the right drummer will take it to a whole new level and we won’t plateau with just the two of us. Well we’ll let you decide……  ~Enjoy




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