OddsFiche galaxy pic Promo

So coming this January is The Bout at the Hideout, an awesome venue here in the heart of Toronto, Ontario!! 119 bands will take to the stage and deliver to those in attendance their buffet of sounds and fortunate for us, WE’RE PLAYING!!!!!!  Friday February 1st 2019 at 9pm!!! It’s a ten spot at the door and you tell them who you are there to see! ; )

We’ve selected our songs for the evening and with a little luck we’ll blow the audience and hopefully the judging panel away!!! We’ll do our best as always, what band wouldn’t?!?!!?  Well…. That said I have seen a few bands that really didn’t give a shit about what happened on stage and where are they now?  Not on stage that’s for sure!

Here’s the 411 on The Bout….

The Bout is open to all genres (original music only!)
135 Bands will be selected to participate based on their songs submitted
Festival kicks off January 2019
Grand prize of 12k cash + recording opportunities with Trouble Town Records

1st place – 12K cash + recording opportunities and other bonuses
2nd place – 3K cash
3rd place – 2K cash
4th / 5th / 6th place – 1K cash




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