Silence…! No That’s Where We Played



Yup that’s where we played Friday July 6th 2018 in Guelph, Ontario. On the bill with us were Ostrich Bouquet from Montréal and Guelph’s own Dru Jacey opening up.


The show was the second last on Ostrich Bouquet’s tour and we were lucky to be on the bill playing with them! Great band and a great bunch of guys too. They got their act together for sure. Dru Jacey, great guy and is one helluva bassist and an avant-garde poet in sound! He opened up the show with three of his own compositions that pulled me right in to them and whisked me away to a plateau above any level that I could have never reached otherwise. His sounds were ethereal and intense as he made the segue to Ostrich Bouquet. They were set up and rip roaring ready to go and wasted no time belting right in to their music. Straight forward and tighter than that pair of jeans you bought last summer. I felt very honoured to play with these artists and very fortunate to be on the same bill with them. Ostrich Bouquet treated us to the sounds from their album, On Time, As Usual and their new EP, Perennial. I wish I had gotten all of both their sets because they were both brilliant!


We were up next and last. I have come close to playing last at other shows but this was the first show where we went on last. It was a great honour to be there. We opened up our set with a song I hadn’t played in a year, Subtle Grenade Cereal. It’s played on a guitar I threw out in the snow in my backyard in the middle of February and left there till the May two-four weekend. I’ve used it on every album since! We proceeded to follow up with an entire performance of our album, Can’t Autograph a Snowball that was interjected with a new song, Snoring with an Accent and a cover of Pink Floyd’s Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun which is one of my favourite Floyd songs but when I watch the video…, yeah I stand by my convictions that I can’t sing and have no push to my voice, it’s kinda bad. But at least I can own up to the fact that I can’t! LoL


The big embarrassment of the evening was our last song. The coda at the end is a series of chords we play and my high E string was horribly out of tune and I couldn’t fix it in time to finish the song. Well shit. Didn’t realize it till until half way through playing it and screamed “FUCK” in my head cuz ya can’t fix it while your playing live! So I tried my best not to hit it whilst strumming away.

Overall it was an alright show. The camera microphone doesn’t do the sound justice but at least we captured it all on tape so-to-speak.

Definitely check out these artists and any chance you get to see them play, DO SO! You won’t be disappointed at all! Here’s the link for the free download of the show and the video below for you to check out! ↓    ← FREE DOWNLOAD!


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