My Train of Thought Derailed (incl. Kay)


Hey OddsFiche fans!

Above, check out a very trippy and lengthy version (and FREE download!) of one of our songs (one of my favs) and including the new ending, Kay. The coda here is a key component to the song and it climaxes it perfectly to its finalé. It was constructed from the early designs of what would have been another song or part of one and it just fit the ending of this song here so well in my opinion that it became its closing. It’s rare that an OddsFiche song has been revamped after it’s been recorded but in this case it was a calling I found surging out of me that has been in the making and it certainly improved and enhanced the listening experience of the song when played either through headphones or a large stereo system. I’m very happy with this version and absolutely look forward to playing this new version live as soon as possible for you.

I felt that even though this is from our rehearsal last week and the sound is a bit fuzzy in spots that it was important to share with fans of OddsFiche.



Twitter: @OddsFiche



psychedelic-drugs-trip bumper sticker 1


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