Interview? Me? Seriously? Ummm, Ok!

The SMK Show Front

When I first appeared in Prog Rock magazine’s CD Sampler last year I thought, COOL, I’m finally in my all time favourite magazine and hopefully I get some people around the world checking out my music and maybe buy a few albums from me right? See where it goes! Well…. I was contacted through the link in the magazine which is to the Bandcamp page where there’s this form you can fill out and it goes to my email etc etc. and lo and behold I am now in touch with Nicholas Cooper, the host of CFRU’s SMK show, The Sentinel’s Marvellous Kaleidoscope from the University of Guelph here in Ontario. He had mentioned that he wanted to incorporate more Canadian Prog artists in his show and asked if he could play my music in his program which airs Mondays from 3-5pm on the University’s radio station, CFRU 93.3FM or online at Ummmmm HELLS YES!!!!! Twist my rubber arm dude!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never had my music played on a radio station before! How cool and kickass is that?!?!?!  VERY in my books LoL. Naturally I said yes and he added a song from my recent album Cone of Shame to his playlist and Screaming Kangaroo Confederacy hit the airwaves and I was supremely chuffed to hear this!

Nicholas and I hit it off really well right away discussing Prog bands and its many different facets via email and eventually the talk of an interview came up and it just clicked. I thought we would do an over the phone thing while on his show’s airtime but instead we decided that I would come out to Guelph and participate in what became my first ever interview and in-studio performance of a few songs right there in the booth! It was truly a cool experience because neither of us had done an interview before!




Nicholas had some great questions for me and I think we were both a bit nervous about the whole ordeal having gone in somewhat blind but all in great spirits and lightheartedness which made it awesome fun to be a part of. A great show to catch if you are ever in the Guelph area and of course online because Prog doesn’t get a lot of mainstream radio airplay aside from the “hits” that the Prog giants have done over the years and anything they’ve done that’s new gets about a week’s worth of airplay then dropped from the lineup and its back to their old standards which is quite nauseating and overkilled by commercial stations, thank you for ruining so many songs in our lives there.

So thus became my first interview and live in studio performance which I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to go back there with the guys in the band now and do another interview with Nicholas. Not sure about the live performance thing, not a lotta room there to do that with the three of us!

A truncated version of the show can be found here as a free download of both parts of the interview and the live performance.

The Sentinel’s Marvellous Kaleidoscope  — Mondays 3-5pm


~Cheers and Stay Strange!

YouTube: Progbeawr831

Twitter: @OddsFiche

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